sexta-feira, fevereiro 17, 2006

a day in the lab...

extract of a long long long email to sara. emails are supposed to be private but i spent so much time writting this one that at least i can publish part of it here.

"Ok ok, finished injection, had lunch, curry by the way, and now I'm sitting here in my lovely desk writing to you a mail full of nothings as an email should be. Anukampa is here talking on the phone for ages, nothing changed there, and so I can't put music on the room :( but I can still ear music inside my head hehehe "Renato Renato Renato,la serenata che ti ho cantato, Renato Renato Renato ,vuol dire che morirò per te." hehehehe I wonder how she would react if I put it loud.

Gaia is at torino for the Olympic games, this is if she manage to get the flight this morning, but she was sleeping at the airport so maybe she was woken up by the last call announcement. Matthias is at his desk writing his paper! and he decided to buy a desktop, imac, finally!! it was about time! he is going to buy a imac desktop because the first generation of the new powerbook is just been release, and the first ones to come out always have problems, and they just released the version of big screen that it is not very good when you are commuting like he is. i can't wait to check the new macks with the intel processor... play time soon! i hope! Florencia is at argentina... I whish I was there as well... Lucky girl! I was reading the magazine of the observer this weekend and there was a article about argentinian women, saying that they are the most gorgeous ones. Argentina also is the country that imports more silicone implants in the world... Anunkampa still talking on the phone about the boiler that she wants to replace... Christina is definitely going away in april, she is sick today with a virus that has been spreading trough the lab... Steve started it, then gaia, jenny, issac, lucia ( trough gaia not matthias) and now christina. I should go on holidays to argentina now! just because I don't to fell hill with the virus... Jenny's sister is preparing a hen do for jenny! we are going away for the weekend at windsor and go to the royal race track, there's a dress code for that and I'm really excited. I need to buy a hat... Shopping!! it's getting better by the minute!"

yeah better go back to work now... i will just check if i can see the olympics live on the bbc before returning to my bench...