sexta-feira, julho 29, 2005

Certos dias....

Por vezes certos dias em que tu pensas que vais acordar mal disposta e depre e de repente isso nao acontece!!!! essa sensacao e tao boa nao e!!!!!! Esperavas que tudo acontesse ao contrario, que estivesse a chover, que perdesses a carteira, sei la...E depois ha qualquer coisa dentro de ti que da forca e motivacao. E depois???? se mesmo alguma coisa correr mal ha sempre um amigo para ajudar e alguem para desabafar. Pronto isto e um pequeno desabafo de miuda com uns parafusos a menos.

quarta-feira, julho 27, 2005

we found Su Doku

Reparei q ultimamente no meu local de trabalho os genios com cromossoma XY andavam mto excitados. A duvida era com o k? e claro q ha q ter em conta q o meu chefe tem reputacao de saber escolher mto bem os super genios de cromossoma XX, m tb tem-se q ter em conta q os supostos genios XY sao todos casados excepto um, q e gay... Entao a super genio XX q vos escreve, decidiu investigar... e decobriu q todo aquele entusiasmo dos nao tao genios XY, se devia ao Su Doku.
entao o q e o Su Doku?
O Su Doku apareceu por aqui em Novembro de 2004 no jornal "the times". E n e mais nada do que um genero de palavras cruzadas...m sem palavras e sim com numeros. E nos oferecida uma tabela 3 x 3 quadrados. Cada um desses e subdividido em 9 quadrados mais pequenos, obtendo se um quadrado grande constituido por 9x9 quadradinhos: 9 linhas e 9 colunas. No inicio do jogo alguns desses quadrados encontram-se ja preenchidos e o objectivo do jogo consiste em distribuir os algarismos 1 a 9 nas 9 linhas e colunas sem repetir o mesmo algarismo na mesma coluna ou linha... compreendido??? Se tens um "nao mto fashion m as vezes util" Pc, podes tentar jogar a versao online:
Quanto a mim, vou terminar de fazer os 100 puzzle do livro q comprei hoje no aeroporto. garanto vos q nunca estive tao viciada na vida em coisa alguma. e querem saber a melhor? o tipo que estava a minha frente no aviao tambem tinha um livrinho de Su Doku

PMS... I have it!!! And you???

premenstrual Syndrome: PMS is a disorder characterized by a set of hormonal changes that trigger disruptive symptoms in a significant number of women for up to two weeks prior to menstruation. Of the estimated 40 million suffers, more than 5 million require medical treatment for marked mood and behavioral changes. Often symptoms tend to taper off with menstruation and women remain symptom-free until the two weeks or so prior to the next menstrual period. These regularly recurring symptoms from ovulation until menses typify PMS, premenstrual syndrome.

Over 150 symptoms have been attributed to PMS. After complaints of feeling "out-of-control", anxious, depressed and having uncontrollable crying spells, the most common complaints are headache and fatigue. But symptoms may vary from month to month and there may even be symptom-free months. No women present with all the PMS symptoms. Characteristically symptoms may be both physical and emotional. They may include physical symptoms as headache, migraine, fluid retention, fatigue, constipation, painful joints, backache, abdominal cramping, heart palpitations and weight gain. Emotional and behavioral changes may include anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks, tension,lack of co-ordination, decreased work or social performance and altered libido.

E uma chatice ser mulher!!!!!

segunda-feira, julho 25, 2005

Simpson mania

eu quero ser a lisa!!!!

que personagem es tu?


I have always been a dreamer but now it's about time to face the ball. Will you be there to catch me when I fall? And I can assure you that i'm going to fall!

directamente da suecia "the perishers"

I talk to you as to a friend
I hope that’s what you’ve
come to be
It feels as though we’ve
made amends
Like we found a way

It was you who picked
the pieces up
When I was a broken soul
And then glued me
back together
Returned to me what
others stole

I don’t wanna hurt you
I don’t wanna make you sway
Like I know I’ve done before
I will not do it anymore
I’ve always been a dreamer
I've had my head among
the clouds
Now that I’m coming down
Won’t you be my solid ground?

I look at you and see a friend
I hope that’s what you wanna be
Are we back now where
it all began?
Have you finally forgiven me?

You gathered my dreams in
When they all blew away
And then tricked them
back into me
You saved me I was
almost dead

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q tal uma olhadela ao site oficial e ouvir as musicas do ultimo cd
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sexta-feira, julho 22, 2005

all is full of love

to light things up

all is full of love- bjork

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quinta-feira, julho 21, 2005

My feelings today.....

Today I felt very insecure I know that we always live on the edge and that anything can happen. But the terrorists have won at least this battle ….I was scared for me and for my friends. I don’t feel secure anymore. The war has started.

Another day in London

today from the window at my work.
the UCH (university college hospital) is just on the other side of the street and the warren street tube station a block away. The official version so far is that the person that detonated the bomb at the tube station was injured and taken to the uch. And they evacuated the all block around it … it maybe a little bit of conspiracy theory, but I think it’s a slightly strange to evacuate the all block because there’s a injured being treated on a hospital. I just don’t know what to think because I have the feeling that people here are not being properly informed of what’s going on. Maybe the police don’t want to scare the all population but I would feel much more relaxed if the information was more straightforward…
I just don’t know what to think or feel at the moment. I’m not scared or nervous or anxious like I was on the 7/7 I’m just not felling secure at all. The city is on maximum alert since that day and things like these shouldn’t been happening if they had it under control. I guess today terrorists just wanted to make a point: doesn’t matter your level of security, if you want to harm you we will. Well… If that was the message, they were very successful

quarta-feira, julho 20, 2005

Strange day!!!

Today it was quite strange!!!! Strange feelings and emotions but we have to be strong and the "show" must go on ... Life goes on!!! We love you Andrea!


I genuinely thought that people were killed if a train in Germany was delayed…


Most of Dresden was destroyed during the II WW. Basically, after German planes attacked Coventry in the Uk, Churchill decided that retaliation was on the order of the day and ordered the bombing of Dresden. By now most of the buildings are recovered and the city expanded behind the Elbe River and gave rise to "The Neustadt Quarter". Richard Strauss was responsible for making the Dresden opera house one of the most renown.

Gente perdida da Mafaldinha

Por termos falado dela no fotolog...

Eu fui devagarinho
com medo de falhar
não fosse esse o caminho certo
para te encontrar
fui descobrindo devagar
cada sorriso teu
fui aprendendo a procurar
por entre sonhos meus

eu fui assim chegando
sem entender porquê
já foram tantas vezes tantas
assim como esta vez
mas é mais fundo o teu olhar
mais do que eu sei dizer
é um abrigo pra voltar
ou um mar pra me perder

lá for a o vento
nem sempre sabe a liberdade
a gente finge
mas sabe que não é verdade
foge ao vazio
enquanto brinda, dança e salta
eu trago-te comigo
e sinto tanto, tanto a tua falta

eu fui entrando pouco a pouco
abria a porta e vi
que havia lume aceso
e um lugar pra mim
quase me assusta descobrir
que foi este sabor
que a vida inteira procurei
entre a paixão e a dor

lá for a o vento
nem sempre sabe a liberdade
gente perdida
balança entre o sonho e a verdade
foge ao vazio
enquanto brinda, dança e salta
eu trago-te comigo
e sinto tanto, tanto a tua falta

lá for a o vento
nem sempre sabe a liberdade
a gente finge
mas sabe que não é verdade
foge ao vazio
enquanto bebe, dança e ri
eu trago-te comigo
e guardo este abraço só para ti

As Tres do Blog.....

the letter

Put the pen
To the paper
Press the envelope
With my scent
Can't you see
In my handwriting
The curve Of my g?
The longing


Who is left that
Writes these days?
You and me
We'll be different
Take the cap
Off your pen
Wet the envelope
Lick and lick it


I need you
The time is running out
Oh baby
Can't you hear me call?

It turns me on
To imagine
Your blue eyes
On my words
Your beautiful pen
Take the cap off
Give me a sign and I'd come running

by the wonderful PJ Harvey
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terça-feira, julho 19, 2005

Jude on the market

Ok, a girl shouldn’t be happy when another brakes up with her boyfriend, but when the boy in question is Jude Law is a totally different subject. So girls take out your best dress from the closest and let’s go the primorose hill and accidental bump into him…. Note: don’t expect more than a fling with him. He cheated on Sienna with the nanny of his children…. The guy is just beautiful, not perfect. And of course we don’t anything less than perfect….

segunda-feira, julho 18, 2005

O filme que vimos hoje ...

The Door in the Floor

Alternately tragic and comic, an exploration of the complexities of love in both its brightest and darkest corners. Adapted from John Irving's best-selling novel A Widow for One Year, the film is set in the privileged beach community of East Hampton, New York and chronicles one pivotal summer in the lives of famous children's book author Ted Cole (Jeff Bridges) and his beautiful wife Marion (Kim Basinger). Their once-great marriage has been strained by tragedy. Her resulting despondency and his subsequent infidelities have prevented the couple from confronting a much-needed change in their relationship. Eddie O'Hare, the young man Ted hires to work as his summer assistant, is the couple's unwitting yet willing pawn - and, ultimately, the catalyst in the transformation of their lives.

Simplesmente bonito

domingo, julho 17, 2005

Hyde Park -A nossa "praia em Londres"

quinta-feira, julho 14, 2005

Silvia....the sun glasses....

Silvia, olha la os oculos escuros...sao giros nao sao ????Beijinhos
Isto era mais para o Fotolog, mas ja pus foto hoje e nao dava para por outra...e como estavas a a sentir tanta foto dos oculos....

 "Butterflies in the stomach"!!!!!!!!

How did butterflies get in your stomach? Well, those really aren't butterflies in there. "Butterflies in the stomach" is a way of describing those nervous, fluttery feelings you might get before a test or an important game. An imaginative writer created the phrase to describe the feeling, and people have been using it ever since.
These tummy flutters are normal and happen to many people - even grown-ups!!!!! Some people believe having a few butterflies might even help you perform better by keeping you on your toe

Race for Life Website

Race for Life

Women celebrate finishing Race for Life Hi!!!I am going to run 5 km......or walk....I'm not sure yet.
Just have a look in the website.
Maria Joao

"Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, supported by Tesco, is a series of women-only, 5km races across the UK.

Your sponsorship will go towards Cancer Research UK's life-saving research into the prevention and treatment of all forms of cancer."

Very important when travelling....

don't mind the tooth brush! the most important item in your travel bag is your sun glasses! lets face it. tooothe brushes you find in every little shop in the most remote place. but sungalsses? is a totally different matter! you have to find a pair that has to fit your face perfectlly (not to wide, no to narrow). have to macth all your holidays clothes (since the nice beach skirts to the amazing litlle dress for the sunset drinks) and most important have to express your mood and disposition. i miss so much my sunglasses... snif snif

quarta-feira, julho 13, 2005

In Case of an Emergency

"East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched a national "In case of Emergency (ICE)" campaign with the support of Falklands war hero Simon Weston and in association with Vodafone's annual life savers award.

The idea is that you store the word "ICE" in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency". In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them.
It's so simple - everyone can do it. Please do. Please will you also forward this to everybody in your address book, it won't take too many forwards' before everybody will know about this. It really could save your life."

Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for new laws to tackle extremism and a worldwide drive to address the "evil" ideology behind the London bombings!!!!! in BBC News
Estou seriamente preocupada nao sei onde vamos parar.....Esta e uma questao chamada de pescadinha de rabo na boca!!!!Se atcam os extremistas mulcumanos de alguma maneira nos ( os inocentes) e que vamos sofrer!!!! Este mundo e fod***!!! mas olha hoje tao 30 graus e quero mas e um gelado!!!

Nao tenho sono.....

Ao contrario da minha Blogmate nao tenho sono.....e estava aqui a olhar para a parede sem fazer nada e vi esta foto que eu tirei e que adoro...porque apanhou muitas coisas que eu gosto muito ao mesmo tempo. E entao resolvi tirar outra foto a foto que eu tirei para por no blog....

Estou com sono....

Estou a gostar desta cena do blog!!!!! Espero que agente tenha sucessso. Gostam da menina da metereologia???? O maximo!!!! Vou para cama estou cansada!!! Amanha a mais ballet!!!!

terça-feira, julho 12, 2005

the story from the ones that were there

ainda no rescaldo da semana passada


Removed from

Curry spice found to fight cancer

A study published in the upcoming issue of Cancer magazine related that curcumin, a chemical pigment in turmeric, helped stop the spread of breast cancer tumor cells to the lungs of mice.

Controversial EU vitamins ban to go ahead

A controversial new EU regulation that has threatened to outlaw thousands of mineral supplements and bankrupt health food stores across Britain was upheld this morning.”

Funny, isn't it????
Enjoy a nice meal and don't worry....


Meninas e Meninos temos festa da boa no dia 23 de Julho!!! O Nuno Gil vai voltar a terrinha!!! Aqui vai:
 Hello all,
As most of you are aware, I am leaving London and going back to Portugal by the end of July to fulfil the obligations of a newly married man!
This is the opportunity to have a party at my place on the 23rd July (Saturday):
18 Smallbrook Mews
W2 3BN(Lancaster Gate or Paddington Tube Stations - map attached)
Surely, most of you still have in mind the last party more than 2 years ago. Hope we can keep up the high standards.
Show up after 9:30pm and please bring your favourite drinks. On offer there will be the house's special punch. 
Your friends are welcomed.
Nesta festa ha dois anos atras aconteceu cada historia!!!!!! Ai Meu Deus!!!!!!


Olhem para este tempo esta lindo!!!!! Voces nao imaginam o que isto significa para mim!!!! Faz a minha semana ser muito mais alegre!!!!! As pessoas andam pelas ruas de havainas e as bifas andam enroladas em sarongs!!!!! Toda a gente anda vestida como a praia fosse a dois minutos!!!!! E todos estao com escaldao de morrer!!!! Eh!Eh!Eh!

the laws of Newton

even genius have faults...

"the universe is deterministic all right, just like Newton said, I mean is trying to be, but the only thing going wrong is people fancying people who aren't supposed to be in part of the plan. The attraction that Newton left out..."

from tom stoppard "arcadia"

segunda-feira, julho 11, 2005

A Favour to Ask in aid of Breast Cancer

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in themiddle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.


A vida esta a voltar ao normal.....

Assim vai comecar o nosso blog!!!! Em Portugues e em Ingles muito mal escrito....Nao esperem uma obra prima apenas desabafos do dia a dia....
Hoje quando andava pelas ruas de londres havia uma atmosfera diferente, as pessoas estavam mais simpaticas e menos agressivas. Sera que toda esta situcao vai mudar pelo menos temporariamente o comportamento dos Londrinos?????....A nossa passsagem por aqui e tao rapida que se calhar e melhor tirar proveito de todos os dias e de todas as pessoas que conhecemos e deixar de ser tao arrogante e selfcenter!!!!!Estava um dia lindo o que tambem ajuda muito, nao e ????
E um Sol e calor a saber a Portugal!!!

We have a Blog!!!!!!

I am very happy to be part of this blog with Filipa and Silvia. We'll have fun for sure here.......
But first I need to be sure about the meaning of the name "Sukah Times".
But she told me that it means something like "Happy Times" ...that all we need.

Ola !!!

A Moirete tem blog!!

Day O

And the journey beguins....